Khadi Cotton Kurta – White

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Khadi Cotton Kurta – White

Short Khadi Kurta with roll-up sleeves

Men’s Cotton khadi kurta (shirt) that is extremely light and comfortable. This kurta is made from fine blend of cotton and poly khadi that is very comfortable in all kinds of weather. It can be ordered in different sizes and colors. We also do bulk orders for khadi kurtas, please contact us for more details.

‘Khadi’ (pronounced Khādī) is hand spun, hand woven fabric from India and could be cotton, silk or mixed fabric. It is an eco-friendly fabric with a great socially positive impact.

Khadi is one of the world’s most breathable materials. The fabric feels cold in warm weather and warm in cold weather. As it is handspun, it is not as smooth as a mill woven cloth, which gives it a very unique texture. ‘Khadi’, was made popular by Mahatma Gandhi due to its focus on self-sustenance of village economy.



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