Organic Khadi Black Uneven Stripes

Organic Khadi – Black Uneven Stripes in 1 x 1 weave
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The Black and Rust color dye is obtained from Ferrous acetate made from iron scrap.

In organic Khadi, the fabric comes from the non-genetically modified (non GM) old world cotton which has short to medium staple length. This variety of cotton is grown under rain-fed cultivation where the entire crop cycle is completed without or with very little irrigation.

The width of this fabric is 40 inches.

This is a beautiful black uneven stripes khadi fabric. It is a light weight fabric having 1×1 weave.It gets softer with every wash.


Perfect for apparel especially children’s clothing as it is skin friendly and gets softer with every wash. A medium weight fabric, it can be used for apparel, table cloth, upholstery, baby wrap, baby clothing (as it is skin friendly), kitchen linen etc. The fabric is very soft to touch.

What is Khadi :-

‘Khadi’ (pronounced Khādī) is hand spun, hand woven fabric from India. It can be cotton, silk or mixed fabric. It is an eco-friendly fabric with a great socially positive impact.

Khadi is also one of the world’s most breathable materials. The fabric feels cold in warm weather and warm in cold weather. As it is handspun, it is not as smooth as a mill woven cloth, which gives it a very unique texture.

As Khadi is hand spun and hand woven, the fabric is never ‘flawless’. It has inherent irregularities in yarn, color and weaving such as knots, variation in yarn thickness etc. But these irregularities give Khadi its uniqueness and make it a special fabric as no two fabrics will be same.

What is Organic Khadi?

For organic Khadi, only natural/herbal colors are used in dying process and no chemical dying is used. In herbal dying process, different herbs, flowers, roots, barks, vegetables, plant extracts, metal etc are used in various combinations to come up with a wide range of colors. Further, to come up with very dark shades, the fabric is dyed twice/thrice to get the desired effect. The colors are fixed by using alum and other compounds. This black pinstriped fabric is dyed using:-

• Black and Rust color – Ferrous acetate made from iron scrap.

What makes this black uneven stripes organic khadi special?

Khadi itself is ECO-FRIENDLY AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE fabric. This fabric combines the goodness of Khadi and organic. The fabric comes from the old world cotton which is NON GENETICALLY MODIFIED variant.
Another eco-friendly feature of this fabric is that this variety of cotton grown using only rain-fed cultivation where the entire crop cycle is completed without or with very little irrigation, hence it is very water efficient and with minimal carbon footprint. On the other hand, the hybrid varieties of cotton use approx 1400 liters of irrigated water to cultivate 1 kg seed. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in the process of growing organic cotton.

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Do we take bulk orders?

Yes, we do take bulk orders. Minimum order quantity is 50 meters.


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